“We were not against Ukraine. It was a defense of the “Russian world”!” – fighters of “DNR” suddenly disown hatred of Kiev

In the occupied territories began to have problems with the mercenaries: the locals don’t want to go in “army of DNR” and Russian “volunteers” went home and don’t want to protect the houses and business of Alexander Zakharchenko.

“How many Russians are ready to leave the house and go to war,
to live on such money? For objective reasons a little. But they are not needed.
In fact, the Donbas cope on their own. No call and set
volunteers from Russia is not. Their wish of standing in the queue,” said “literary
Thriller” Zakhar Prilepin.

These words of the Russian mercenary caused a stir in the social network. Discussion
broke on the website of the terrorist from St. Petersburg Stas she said, known
under the call sign “Engineer”.

“Who now need a new Russia: the Russian or local?”

“We were not against Ukraine…goal was not to separate something…So it was the protection of the Russian World…And we were willing and able to go to Kiev”,
– says a former militant.

Alexander Ostanina indignantly admitted that to be in
the epicenter of the fighting with a sick baby is terrible.

help? Thank you! But what you are now: to put a monument? Need to put a monument
those who stayed, not those of Russia is now discussing the case of bygone
days,” said the woman.

Michael Polynkov recognized that now is in the units of the invaders
at the forefront of up to 50 percent of the shortage.

“People are fired EN masse and go in op. Those who do not want
to renew the contract can go to the basement, if they don’t run away. It is in the now Riot police “Sparta” all is well and
people, and snaryagu”, he commented.

At the same time asked the question, what to do now in Donbass: “to Die
for Carpentry or Zahara?”

Was previously opublikovannykh brutal terrorists of Gorlovka Igor Bezler, who confessed to sophisticated torture and murder in 2014. Meanwhile, Donetsk Zakharchenko terroristsand intervened in the Russian business in the occupied territory.