The rocket launch North Korea: trump received information about the failure, however, has behaved unexpectedly

U.S. authorities have detailed knowledge about the failed missile launch North Korea is currently Vice-President Michael Penny sent to the capital of South Korea, when he first received information from the us military, and discussed it with US President Donald trump.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Representatives of the office of the Vice President reported that the Pence
received information about a bad run when he was in the plane over the Pacific
the ocean and flew to South Korea. Immediately
then he made a phone call to President Trump and discussed
the situation.

It is noteworthy that trump refused from any comments
on the occasion of the provocative missile launch by Pyongyang:

Media are reminded that tonight Northern Koriatovyches to launch rockets, but it ended in complete failure.

We will remind, earlier plasticienne Korea announced
readiness to defend themselves and open fire.