“Pursue Assad by any means”, – the Parliament of Britain to be deprived of nationality of the wife of Assad

British MPs urged to deprive the wife of Bashar al-Assad citizenship of the UK, calling it part of the propaganda machine of her husband.

Thus English policy has decided to create additional pressure on the Syrian dictator, according to 112.ua.

The deputies want to deny citizenship ASMA Assad, born in London, accusing it of actively promoting regime of her husband.

So a member of the British parlamentando Zahavi called ASMA Assad is part of the “propaganda machine, which commits war crimes” and called to “pursue Assad by any means”, in particular through the prosecution of his wife.

ASMA Assad provides powerful support for the regime of her husband preaching his principles and values. So, social networks aware of at least three accounts where Assad’s wife places the posts about the exploits of “martyrs” and accused Western countries of lying.

Radicand imposed sanctions on 27 Syrian officials close to Bashar al-Assad for use of chemical weapons in Idlib, and other crimes of the dictatorial regime.