Mariupol “mentally ready” to join the “DNR”: a military expert about the great danger that could erupt in the city

The mood of many residents of Mariupol today is that the city is “mentally ready” to take to the streets with the tricolor. It is no secret that in the liberated Ukrainian territories remained many representatives of the “wool” who are not averse to enter the “DNI/LC”.

This was stated by a military expert Oleg Zhdanov, commenting on
“wishlist” the leader of terrorists “DNR” to join Odessa and the Dnieper.

Zhdanov pays primarily attention to the fact that many of the Mariupol so much susceptible to propaganda that if command is given, people take to the streets with the tricolor.

Zhdanov in this context, recalls that in Mariupol created municipal police – private military company, which at any moment may receive arms, and for Ukraine, according to experts, in Mariupol will fight to the end only the patriots.

At the same time, the expert is convinced that now a half-million troops in the city will not enter, and stage fighting.

As for Odessa, Zhdanov says that the city is not so much Pro-Ukrainian sentiments, how many volnogorskoe.

“They will be glad to come if in Odessa to hang a carrot in the form of the free economic zone”,
– the expert adds.

In this regard, he advises to worry about the Dnieper, considering this city the most Pro-Ukrainian of all the above.

The inhabitants of the Dnieper still remember how many of their countrymen died heroically in the volunteer battalions at the beginning of the war in the Donbass.

In summary, Zhdanov indicates that the MIP should reconsider their actions and attitudes.

“Instead of addressing “issues of counter-propaganda or Patriotic upbringing of the population”, it deals with issues of plugging mouths”, – he stressed.

Earlier, the expert explained why Russia will not go for the full seizure of Mariupol and introduction to the city of his troops.

Also Advisor Poroshenko told the reason why Russia will not join the Donbas to its own and will continue to implement a part of Ukraine again.