CBR is exploring the feasibility of reorganization of the Bank “Peresvet”

Moscow. April 17. INTERFAX, the CBR is examining the feasibility of reorganization of the Bank “Peresvet” on the basis of the agreement of the creditors, the fate of the Bank will be determined this week, said the Chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev.

“While the information is all in the public field that the creditors failed to agree on the conversion. We now study the volume of these agreements, whether the amount agreed by the creditors, financial rehabilitation of credit organizations”, – he said.

Creditors “Peresvet” has agreed to convert Bank liabilities into capital in the amount of about 70 billion rubles. Now the Central Bank together with the creditors carries out final calculations of possible options for financial recovery.

“This week we have to decide. We first draw counts, and then the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia will make a decision about whether it makes sense to allocate funds from the Central Bank and to what extent”, – said V. Pozdyshev.

“The size of the negative net assets, compared with those amounts, called the five-seven months ago, has increased for the following reason: when the Bank does not work, implemented the risks including on safeguards. There was a Bank guarantee, during which time they worked”, – he added.

Earlier it was reported that the Bank “Peresvet” in 2016, got to 64.6 billion rubles of net loss for the company taking into account events after the reporting date (spod), the expenditure on creation of reserves for the year reached to 65.3 billion.

Creditors “overexposure” to 14 April inclusive was finally to determine the conversion of debt to subordinated bonds of the Bank.

“Peresvet” from 21 October 2016, under action of the moratorium on satisfaction of creditors ‘ claims, the validity of the second moratorium will expire April 23, 2017. In October last year for six months, in the “Peresvet” was also introduced temporary administration on Bank management, from February 20 it is the responsibility of the Agency for Deposit insurance.

One of the main tasks of the Agency is carrying out a complex of measures aimed at reaching agreements with creditors of the Bank to convert monetary obligations of the Bank in the “would be”. This is a necessary condition for decision-making on reorganization of the Bank, providing him with Agency financial assistance.

“Expocentre” owns 42.3% of shares of “Peresvet”. The Russian Orthodox Church directly owns 27.5 per cent of the Bank, its controlled OOO “Promotion” of 9.9%. The company’s former head of Bank Alexander Shvets – “Consent” – owns 9.3% of shares.

Bank “Peresvet” in the third quarter of 2016, was ranked the 42nd place in terms of assets in ranking “Interfax-100” prepared “Interfax-TSEA”.