The terrorist attack at London nightclub: attackers planted a poisonous substance, injured more than ten people

Toxic attack happened in North-East London, in Dalston.

On the night
Monday, April 17, in a nightclub in Dalston on Sigwart street northeast
part of the capital of England was a gas attack. At least 12 people got
burns as a result of application attackers “toxic substances”
of unknown origin, reports “Dialog UA”.

Call in
the police after the toxic attack came at about 1.10. According to preliminary
reports, the club was sprayed poisonous gas, but it is likely that this
was liquid or solid.

visitors of the club on Sigwart street was quickly evacuated. On the spot
worked for several ambulance crews and rescuers.

According to representatives of the
law enforcement agencies of London, ten medical assistance
provided on site, after which they were taken to the hospital with minor
burns. In addition, two visitors of night club are turned to the emergency room
for help. According to doctors, received their injuries are not life-threatening.

to note that at the time of evacuation in this night club there were about six
hundred people. According to Scotland yard, toxic attack started
the investigation, however, detentions yet.

We will remind, in London near the houses of Parliament of great Britain accident and stabbing shooting.

The attacker stabbed the police, after which police opened fire and killed him. The incident was qualified as a terrorist act.

As previously reported,US intelligence issued a report on the explosions in the metro of St. Petersburg..