“The production company, FSB” has released a new “action film” about the detention of the “organizer” of the attack in the St. Petersburg subway Asimov: Bruce Willis is resting

The Russian secret service posted in open access video of the arrest of the alleged organizer of the explosion in St. Petersburg. During the search he was a gun battle.

the security service of the Russian Federation withdrew and gave the journalists specifically to publish
video of the arrest of the alleged organizer of the terrorist attack in the St. Petersburg metro, reports
“Dialogue UA”.

To inflame
passions this “movie” could compete with Hollywood
blockbusters. And played there all so that all can be done
a clear conclusion that the present detention or staged. After this
the number of lies, of insincerity and outright blunders by the Russian
security officials don’t know whether to believe them this time.

intelligence video shows how employees with stripes “FSB” on the jackets
run out of the car and ran over a man on the path between the bushes at some
small plantations. After that show lying on the ground man,
which is named by your name: Abror Azimov.