Details a drunken knife fight with a soldier of the national guard in Irpen: a wounded guy cut the abdominal cavity and affected the internal organs

The national police denied previously common information about the death of a dog fighters of the national guard, who asked yesterday, April 16, more easily to celebrate the holiday of Easter the company of men in Irpen near the house.

The speaker of the national police Nikolai Zhukovich in the air said that инциlент occurred around midnight when a national guardsman stepped out to walk the dog, reports “Dialog. UA”.

Conflict of stud to gain momentum when a unit of the national guard appealed to troublemakers to be quiet because it was late at night and many people were resting. During the conflict, a soldier was seriously wounded.

“Now the soldier is in hospital in serious condition because was cut into the abdomen and affected organs. The dog at the vet, because it, too, was injured, the blade stuck in the body”,
commented Zhukovich.

The participants of the stabbing set and 37-year-old attacker, who used a knife, was detained.