Ukraine called the reason for the poor level of proficiency in their native language

KIEV, 13 APR — RIA Novosti. The Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych said that schools teaching in the languages of national minorities do not give a sufficient level of proficiency in the state language — Ukrainian, which creates problems for admission to universities.

According to the Ministry, this situation means that children after leaving school do not have equal access to higher education in Ukraine.

According to Grinevich, the amount of study of the Ukrainian language in schools with instruction in languages of national minorities are insufficient. This is especially evident from the results in schools where the teaching language is completely different language group, for example, in Hungarian, she added.

“Now we have to find the right balance and productive for learning languages, so after graduation from public secondary school kids came out competitive and had every opportunity to continue further studies in the higher education system in Ukraine”, — quotes the words Grinevich, the press service of the Ministry.

Earlier in the Parliament registered the draft law “On state language”, providing for the exclusive use of the Ukrainian language in almost all spheres of life. It is envisaged that the Ukrainian language should be mandatory for bodies of state power and local self-government and all schools.