In Svitlovodsk the bloody stabbing and a fight between two companies over the death 19-the summer guy a chance to survive it

The stabbing was preceded by a conflict that arose the night of April 15. Quarreled two companies of young people, and informed the participants of the incident even familiar with each other was not.

In a press-service of the police reported that on one street the City has faced two groups of young men, there was a conflict, all the action took place deep
night one of the guys was stabbed, reports “Dialog. UA”.

A wounded guy to the doctors delivered without signs of life.

Murder suspect arrested, he faces 7 to 15 years under article 115 part 1 of the criminal code of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported how a drunken father arriving in Lviv damoisel an axe and hacked sleeping son claiming the murder that his son mistreated and even beaten.