The media learned the details of the plan trump the deterrence of the DPRK

MOSCOW, 13 APR — RIA Novosti. The U.S. government has developed a multi-level strategy to counter the DPRK’s nuclear programme, reports Reuters.

According to the Agency, the list is quite extensive and includes power methods. First, however, the American President Donald trump is considering diplomatic and economic sanctions.

Sanctions could be imposed by Washington or by the UN. Restrictive measures will be applied on a “sliding scale” — in direct proportion to the actions of Pyongyang. Among them — an embargo on oil supplies to the DPRK and a ban on the export of North Korean seafood and coal. Aircraft of the country may not be allowed to cross the airspace of other States, and ships to enter foreign ports. Penalties for Chinese banks, working with North Korean companies.

Earlier it became known that the US sent to the shores of the Korean Peninsula strike group of warships. Washington takes action in response to the nuclear program of Pyongyang. According to the newspaper the New York Times, North Korea may conduct a new nuclear test April 15 — to 105-th anniversary since the birth of first leader Kim Il sung.