The journalist fired near Kiev, was told, when I report the name and surname of the owner of the ill-fated manor

The journalists were fired at least five bullets, and the whistle was heard for the meter on their car

from Kiev in Koncha-Zaspa (the village of Pliuty) cynically fired on journalists during
filming on video from the drone to the luxurious estate of one of the Ukrainian oligarchs, reports
“Dialogue UA”.

According to
one of the employees of mass media with him, this happened for the first time.

“For the first time
we were fired on. Near Pluta. Have shot from a drone, and in our cars because of the
forest. It was released at least five of the bullets whistling was heard over a meter and a half above
machine. Entire, run,” – said the journalist of “Radio Liberty”
Maksym Opanasenko.

However, he
noted that the fire was on the side opposite from the large mansion
businessman (which, not specified).

promised to find out who owns this manor, as soon as “get to

recently, the security forces detained
the suspect in the murder of journalist Vasily Sergiyenko.

As previously
it was reported that British police investigating the killing of major Litvinenko tried to poison
the Russian special services.