Deadly cruelty: it became known about death of the hackneyed ex-“tornadoes” Cold cellmate

It became known that after the bloody fight, thrown in jail Lukyanovka a member of the disbanded battalion “Tornado” Ilya the Cold, died of his cellmate Matveev.

On the death of the detainee Matveeva, it became known tonight, April 14, UNIAN reports.

Matveev has not yet been convicted. In Lukyanovka jail he was awaiting trial, which was to pronounce judgment against him according to part 3, article 153 “the Satisfaction of sexual passions in an unnatural manner committed against a minor”.

As you know, after a fight with ex-“tornadoes” Cold Matveev was in intensive care with an open head brain injury. Today it became known about death of the victim.

Now Ilya the Cold faces new jail term from 7 years to 10 years.

As previously reported, on April 12, during progulki Lukyanovka jail there was a fight between sentenced to 9.5 years Cold and his cellmate Matveev. The reasons for the fight to complete the investigation do not apply.