The U.S. wants to hold a hearing for the removal of the flight

MOSCOW, 11 APR — RIA Novosti. A high-ranking member of the Committee on transportation and infrastructure U.S. house of representatives Eleanor Holmes Norton called for a hearing on the forcible removal from the flight American airlines United Airlines because of overbooking, according to the Hill newspaper.

The incident occurred on Board the plane that was to fly from Chicago to Louisville. As previously reported, the man was one of four people who had to leave the plane in connection with the overbooking (the situation when the flight is sold out more tickets than there are seats on the plane). Before boarding, the airline informed the passengers about the situation and offered to fly another flight. As compensation was offered a night in a hotel and $ 400, then the amount increased to $ 800. One passenger refused to leave the aircraft, in connection with what has caused law enforcement and the passenger against his will rudely expelled from the plane.

Norton said that, according to the rules, passengers had to offer compensation at four times the ticket price, or up to $ 1,250.

Norton expressed regret in connection with the incident. “Airline passengers should be protected from such abuse. I ask the Committee to hold a hearing, which will allow us to interrogate the airport police, employees of United Airlines and employees of the airport,” she said.