Americans have calculated that the drone seen after a chemical attack in Idlib, still belonged to Russia – the Associated Press

Also in USA have come to the conclusion that Moscow knew in advance about the plans of Syrian dictator Assad to use chemical weapons, although he had previously given assurances that Syria no longer have one, used it won’t.

In the White house
came to the conclusion that the Russian leadership was well in advance aware of the plans of its
allies of Damascus to use chemical weapons, reports the Associated Press referring
a reference to a source in the US administration.

In his
Russian drone was seen flying over the hospital in
Syria, where the victims went for help. After BPL is gone,
the Russian-made fighter struck the hospital, trying to hide
the use of chemical weapons.

the last time the US authorities were not sure who exactly ruled
the drone, Russia or Syria. The source noted that the presence of
unmanned aircraft could be a coincidence, and that the official
Moscow should have known about the impending chemical attack.

Recall that the U.S. launched a missile attack on the air base of Assad’s forces in Syria in response to attack
the use of chemical weapons on the city, which holds the Syrian opposition.