New coalition in Syria: US, Britain and Jordan will work together to destroy ISIL positions in the South

USA, UK and Jordan are planning the creation of a new military coalition that will clean up of ISIS militants in South Syria on the border with Jordan.

The coalition, which will hold a ground operation to sweep the southern region of Syria, where wielding one of the largest cells of the terrorist organization ISIL, reports “Russian conversation”.

Planiruetsya that the key forces in the American-British coalition will focus on the Syrian-Jordanian border, since the key positions of ISIS terrorists on the border of Syria, Jordan and Iraq.

Some Arab media expressed concern that the operation may interfere with Iran, ensconced Sonorus the guardians of the Islamic revolution that may entail joining a fighting Israel, which is interested in preventing the progress of Iran.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin has Natarajasana USA support their action in Syria.