Ivanka trump influenced the decision of my father to strike at the Syrian military base

The US President’s son Eric trump said that his sister Ivanka trump is related to the missile attack on the United States in Syria.

This is reported by American media. News reports

According to Eric trump, his sister and his father was influenced by the horrible pictures of the chemical attack in Syria
as a result of which many people died, including children. Such cruel
personnel will not leave indifferent any man.

“Ivanka is a mother of three children, and she has influence. I
I am sure that she told [the father]: look, it’s terrible,” said son

Therefore, probably, photos and video from the scene of the chemical attack
influenced the decision to trump to put the missile strikes on Syria. Although, according to
Eric trump, two years ago, his father was against any military action in
against Syria.

Earlier it was reported that Ivanka trump has shared his positiveattitude the fact that her father, President
Donald trump ordered to bomb a Syrian military airbase.