The detainees case of insulting the feelings of believers in Irkutsk were anarchists

Irkutsk. April 10. INTERFAX – All detained in Irkutsk in the case of an insult of feelings of believers released, have informed “Interfax” in a press-service of Investigatory management SK of Russia in the region.

“On Saturday morning for questioning in this case was delivered to eight people – seven witnesses and one suspect. The end of the day they were interrogated and released”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

One of the detainees, the organizer of the “Council of dissent” in Irkutsk Sofia nikitiuk said that freedom released not all: her colleague involved in the case as a witness, placed in a temporary detention facility.

According to S. nikitiuk, all the detainees in the case of an insult of feelings of believers, including the suspect, Dmitry Litvinov are Irkutsk anarchists, who, after a rally against corruption on 26 March this year organized a “Council of dissent”.

“On Sunday we had planned to hold a meeting at which to determine our plan of action, and regard this detention as an attempt to put us to put us under pressure,” said S. Nikityuk.

The coordinator of the headquarters of Alexei Navalny in Irkutsk Sergey Bespalov has informed Agency that the detainees on Saturday, the young people have nothing to do with the opposition.

“It’s not our children, although we know them: they come to some of our meetings,” said Sergei Bespalov.

Earlier it was reported that the investigating authorities of the TFR in the Irkutsk region opened a criminal case concerning 19-the summer local resident suspected in insult of feelings of believers (part 1 of article 148 of the criminal code). According to investigators, in the period of 2015-2016 young man on his page in one of social networks posted materials that offend religious feelings.

The investigators of the RCDS in conjunction with the police carried out searches to establish the witnesses and eyewitnesses of the incident, and the withdrawal of the necessary equipment of interest.