Russia brings an unprecedented threat to the world, all NATO members urgently need to mobilize and show the unity of the Alliance Admiral Howard

The commander General of the naval Forces of the Alliance, Michelle Howard said that Russia demonstrates such a level of activity that was not even during the Cold war. Therefore all NATO members need to stand together against a potential threat.

About it reports “112

Howard notes,
Russia now demonstrates such a level of activity, which has not been seen
even in Soviet times. She claims that RF makes dangerous maneuvers, and
e.g. the sending of the frigate “Admiral Kuznetsov”
The Mediterranean sea, increasing the number of patrols in the North Atlantic and in
the Arctic, as well as the active movement of Russian submarines outside
their bases.

She also added,
what NATO needs to focus on areas of their interests in conditions of high
of Russia’s activity. Besides these exercises, the Russian Federation take place on a different background
provocations and hacker attacks Moscow.

The Admiral called
all members of the Alliance to mobilize and demonstrate its unity.

However, although
for all threats in the United States believe that Russia is now afraid of America and not
will go to the aggravation of the situation.