Lukashenko agreed with Putin on a loan of 1 billion dollars

During a meeting between Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin had reached agreement on loan to Belarus for total amount of 1 billion dollars.

About it told the Vice-Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko
reports “Диалог.UA”.

Words, Semashko, Belarus expects the allocation of the third and
the fourth tranche of the Eurasian Fund for stabilization and development
shall be on “very favorable terms”.

“Third and fourth tranche, each for $ 300 million,
a total of $ 600 million per year, will go on
Belarus on favorable terms. Good timing, rates are low,” he said

Note that March 25, 2016 the Belarusian Finance Ministry and the Eurasian
development Bank signed an agreement on providing financial credit from
means Eurasian Fund for stabilization and development. The agreement provides
the allocation of financial resources in the amount of $ 2 billion.

Earlier, Belarusian
President Alexander Lukashenkawskija details of the recent negotiations with
Vladimir Putin, the results of which Belarus has made the decision of a question in
the oil and gas sector.