Lukashenka revealed details of the agreement with Putin

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko told the details of the recent talks with Vladimir Putin, the results of which Belarus has made the decision of a question in the oil and gas sector.

As said by Lukashenka, Belarus was able to find a way svyatosti on Russian gas. In particular, he agreed with Vladimir
Putin that Russia will partially compensate for the difference in current price and
the real price of oil re-export.

Lukashenko believes that oil prices are still reasonable,
therefore the government should not be a problem.

“We finish in the near future the modernization of our
refineries, although they are now a very high level. But
finish — light product yield is 95%, then the question of oil
will disappear by itself. We can from any market to buy oil, Refine have
yourself and get the corresponding profit. It is the Russians also understand this”, –
he said.

On 3 April, Russian President Vladimir Putin in St.-Peterburgenka his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko. On the agenda was
the decision of the dispute in the oil and gas sector. Following the talks, the master of the Kremlin admitted that the parties found a compromise interestnyh issues between Minsk and Moscow does not remain.

We will remind, the gas dispute between Russia and Belarus began in the eve
2017. Moscow has demanded from Minsk to repay the debt for gas already delivered, in
Minsk demanded a discount and said that the invoice is not justified.