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Some who saw the Peugeot futuristic 908 RC show car at the 2006 Paris motor show, could have predicted that it will spawn reveals the compact and beautiful 308 RCZ concept in Frankfurt in the following years.

Even fewer would have thought that the latter appear the car would be almost unchanged in production, and two years later, again in Frankfurt. Almost? On the Basis of the 308, it may have been, but this time it was only known as the RCZ.

Letters have proved to be very important, Peugeot catwalk coupe. The addition of a second R, as in the range-topping RCZ R, came together with a 267bhp 1.6-litre petrol engine and a 0-62mph time of 5.9 sec.

Deliveries from £31,995 R began in January 2014, a year before the RCZ production ended. There are only 300 in the United Kingdom, registered Rs, compared with 12,000 or so of standard RCZs, so it is rare, and – whisper it – probably a classic. Although they are not spotted, the 2014 R we going to go for £11,995. Its a private seller says, it is a repaired cat D write-off. Sorry, once a cat D write-off, always a cat D write-off.

Let’s park R. For all of its hidden features, Torsen limited-slip differential among them, it would also have each of the RCZ, that is, you would still have as many heads in our favorite, the GT is much cheaper 154bhp 1.6.

The RCZ came in 2010, with a Zagato-inspired double-bubble roof, aluminum arches and a two-position active rear spoiler, which sets at 53mph and again at 96mph. The car is comfortable, fun to drive and, with a seats-down boot space of 760 litres-convenient (although it’s not tight in the back, and unlike the Audi TT, it is a hatchback).

However, while there is a stunner on the outside, the RCZ’s interior, donated by the 308, is a touch ordinary. Look out for those cars with the optional leather pack will extend the cow skin on the dash. You will see and feel much more premium.

Like new, the line-up, 1.6 Sport started from € 19,900 for the 154bhp with 18 inch alloys and cloth trim. An optional automatic transmission was offered with this engine. GT-spec models have 19-inch alloys, Parking sensors and leather. It was already 197bhp 1.6, feels brisker (0-62mph is done in 7.5 seconds compared with 8.4 seconds for the 154bhp model), but not so special. The 197bhp 1.6 model also had the sports-kit with a short-shift gear lever and a smaller steering wheel. Diesel fans were operated by a 159bhp 2.0 HDi, on the 154bhp 1.6 s 0-62mph time, but 9mpg more (53mpg compared with 44mpg).

Special editions followed, and then in 2013, the revamped RCZ arrived, still with the same engines, but with a revised grille and lights. The last milestones, the arrival of the RCZ R and the limited-edition, sports-based Red Carbon.

It is a lot of personalization provided by the RCZ ‘ s life. The classifieds are full of cars grafted just under £8000, the beauty was never a bargain.
An expert’s view…

“We have sold a lot of RCZs. Its looks are a big plus point. It is the kind of car you turn to look, after you have locked. Early cars had a few problems, but later were no Problem. The 154bhp 1.6 GT with standard leather is the one to have. The teeth to fit it, whereas the 197bhp car is long geared and feels less responsive. The RCZ R is the classic, although if you can find. We have recently completed a 64-plate-R took with 14,000 miles in part exchange. It sold for around £19,000 before it on the forecourt.”
Peugeot RCZ problems: Buyer beware…

Early cars suffered from timing chain and tensioner problems, so you find a car that you had replaced. Power loss on the 2.0 HDi could be a faulty ECU (needs updating). The Motor to shut off a contaminated DPF could be running. Noise from the timing belt idle could hose a faulty hydraulic silencers on the coolant. On all models, you will hear a noise from the front right upper engine mounts when cornering. For all engines, old oil will cause idle problems. On the 197bhp 1.6, loss of power indicates a faulty turbo bypass solenoid valve.

On the 2.0 HDi and 154bhp 1.6, shifting from the third to the second to check if the gear slips to neutral. If there is need to adjust the does of the control circuit. On the 197bhp 1.6, clumsy shifts can be caused by water in the transmission.

A knock at the front can be caused by the upper shock absorber mounts.

Check warning light for the ABS, which could be an indication of wiring damage in the wheel speed sensor.

A ‘gong’ noise doesn’t mean the battery will hold a charge, and should be replaced. The Instrument display should have been solved on early cars, the lighting disorders. To lock check for water intrusion in the trunk.

Strong and well bolted, but the early GT-spec-car ” – leather-driver-seat-cheek side, wear bad.

Arm support points mean that some cars can have damaged skirts.

Also worth knowing…

There were three recalls. The first was for 2010 cars to address front brake hose. The second, from the same time, dealing with a possible leaky fuel return pipe to Diesel. The third mentioned fuel leaking from the fuel heater on 2012-2014 Diesel.
Peugeot RCZ used prices: How much to spend…


<>Many of 2010/11, 1.6 s and 2.0 HDis to 50k miles with FSH.


Low mileage 2010/11 cars, plus the 2012 and 2013 cars with reasonable mileage.


Fill your boots with low to medium mileage 2013/14 cars of all types and specifications.

Of £14,000-£16,995

Late 15-plate cars; the last 16-platers £17,000 thrust for a 154bhp 1.6 GT.

£18,000 to£20,500

The last RCZ Rs – if you find one,

John Evans