Volkswagen denies the allegations that he knew the car would fail the uk limits for emissions

Volkswagen has hit back at the claims admitted to the vehicles involved in the emissions scandal, should never have been approved for British roads.

Reports in The Times suggest a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) document confirms that VW knew that their cars do not “comply with the regulatory requirements” for registration in accordance with European union emissions regulations.

However, the German manufacturer has responded saying that the appointment in question have been taken out of context, and which were issued in a short period of time to accelerate the deployment of technical solutions for the affected models.

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“Volkswagen notified to DVSA of their intention to carry out a non-coded action in respect of the vehicles affected by the problem of NOx,” said a spokesman for the brand. “The wording in the notice was a brief and immediate notification to explain to the DVSA widely why the volunteer service of action was going to start. That is done quickly – in one sentence – the claim that was made.”

Volkswagen said that “the notice does not reflect any accepted fact or legal situation”, and that “is focused on ensuring that we were quickly given the DVSA’s agreement to start a volunteer service to action”.

Of the 1.2 million vehicles affected by the issuance of scandal in Britain, VW has already applied the technique of the review to around 580,000.