ID the following concept Volkswagen to preview a future electric sedan

Volkswagen will complete the Quartet ID electric concept this year with the opening of the salon, possibly at the Frankfurt motor show in September.

It will join the ID of the SUV, which must be presented at the Shanghai show next month, along with the already shown ID the buzz ID MPV and hatchback.

The Volkswagen concept I. d 2017 review

The chief designer of the Volkswagen Klaus Bischoff promised a “surprise” for the sedan, which apparently inspired “wows” from my colleagues when they saw it for the first time.

Model ID viewing the ambition of VW’s EV brand with a goal to sell annually one million electric vehicles by 2025. Electrical concepts represent “families” of models, each of which will have a different identity and body shape, but the common theme, according to Bischoff, including what he calls the “no grille” philosophy.

“Volkswagen was born without a lattice”, – he said. “With ID, we look to the future, but also our original self with a closed front end.”

Bischoff added that each model ID is a low air intake to cool the batteries when charging, and each will define his headlights and illuminated VW badge. MPV models will have “friendly, positive” character, because it involves a concept identifier for a rush, while the upcoming SUV will be “non-aggressive, but sure.”

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