“Either return the Crimea and the Donbass, or the eternal sanctions”: in Congress a bill was hard, completely crushing Russia

In the House of representatives of the Congress of the United States of America officially introduced a tough bill that provides for counteraction of the Russian aggression on all fronts.

Reports about it “Диалог.UA”.

The bill
made a Congressman, member Republican party, Alex Mooney. Document
provides a major time – introduced by former President Barack Obama
penalties in 2016, for the annexation of Crimea, occupation of Donbas and hacker
interference in election of the President of the United States from Russia, will have
binding legal force.

In the case of adoption
bill, in law, no state institution of the United States
entitled in any way to recognize Crimea as Russian territory

In addition,
the bill refers to the fact that sanctions can be eased only
if the Crimea back to the Ukraine, and the Minsk agreement will
executed by Russia in full.

earlier, Secretary of state USA Rex Tillerson made an incredible speech
which forced Putin and the Kremlin to take in shock