Zakharchenko and Carpentry are in a panic: the Kremlin has ordered to check for terrorists looted the warehouses of ammunition and fuel

After the frequent cases of theft of weapons and ammunition and other logistic supplies and their illegal transfer to the territory of the Russian Federation, the command of the terrorists “LDNR” was ordered to conduct unannounced inspections of ammunition depots.

According to the coordinator “is”, the MP Dmitry Tymchuk
Kremlin puppets will be thoroughly inspected in the presence of the warehouses not only
projectiles, but also reserves of fuel, writes “Диалог.UA”.

“Military commandant” of the garrisons of the task
to organize the interaction with the commanders of units responsible for
security and defense stocks,” – writes in social networks military expert.

Meanwhile, official Moscow continues to send in
occupied Donbass “gumkonvoi” for terrorists. Over the past week mercenaries
received from Russia 17 units of armored combat vehicles, six cars with ammunition and artillery 25
tanks fuel.

Note, Tymchuk said obokrali militant positions in the area debaltseve. All engineering work is carefully controlled by the number of Russian “advisers”.
Meanwhile bounciest shelled Mariupol direction.