Near the Gulf of Finland in St. Petersburg will build the temple in the form of a ship

Moscow. 5 APR. INTERFAX – the Temple in honor of the Port Arthur icon of mother of God built near the Gulf of Finland in St. Petersburg.

Krasnoselsky rural Dean of the Church district Archpriest Michael Podola was consecrated on the site of the erection of the Church of the cross, the press service of the local Archdiocese.

“In our city, where, in spite of persecution and destruction of the twentieth century, survived the great cathedrals – monuments of world architecture, the construction of a new Church is an important task. This temple, despite its small size, is beautiful to resemble a ship and its bell tower is similar to the lighthouse” – said the priest.

Currently, with the Foundation of the future temple. It will be dedicated to Russian sailors, the heavenly patron of which is the wonderworking Port Arthur icon of the Mother of God.

The image was painted on the story of a sailor Theodore, the protector of the defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855, who was the mother of God in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in 1903. According to legend, the mother of God told me to write that image to assist the defenders of the fortress Port-Arthur. Donors were 10 thousand worshipers. The icon was written in 1904, brought to the far East. Until the end of the Russo-Japanese war Shrine was in the rate of the commander.

Its further fate was unknown. In 1998 the icon was accidentally discovered by a group of priests from Russia in one of the antique shops of Jerusalem. They bought the icon. Then it became known that in Jerusalem, the Shrine was transferred to Russian immigrants from Hong Kong. May 6, 1998, the icon was taken to the seashore, where it is stored.