In Krasnoyarsk, the controversy erupted around the site for the construction of the Cathedral in the historic centre

Moscow. April 4. INTERFAX – Part of Krasnoyarsk residents opposed the construction of the Nativity Cathedral on the embankment of the Yenisei near Strelka, which belongs to the historical center of the city.

They fear that the project will be spent on the budget funds, writes on Tuesday the newspaper “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”.

“Orgy, which takes place today in social networks around the construction of the Cathedral, I as an Orthodox outraged but not surprised. Atheism was driven by the Bolsheviks into the souls of Russians for many decades. It is not quickly treated. It is difficult to comment on the arguments of people who “heard the sound but did not know where he is”, – said the Deputy of the regional legislative Assembly Vladislav Zyryanov.

According to him, opponents of the building “was a lie, saying that the construction of the alleged temple will be spent from the Treasury more than a billion rubles.”

“It is impossible in principle, because it directly prohibited by law. Any official that will provide for the construction of the temple the money from the budget, will be on the dock. In Krasnoyarsk have enough caring people with the help of which, hopefully the correct amount will be collected, and soon the temple on the Arrow will still appear,” said the legislator.

How, in turn, said Tuesday the press service of the Krasnoyarsk diocese, financial support for the project falls squarely on the shoulders of patrons. According to approximate calculations, the construction of the temple would cost 1-1. 2 billion rubles. Thus on the basis of special calculations, the experts ruled out the risk of flooding of the temple by the waters of the Yenisei, as some fear the activists. The green area around the Cathedral will remain, and the temple grounds will be in common use for all citizens.

The Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary was erected in Krasnoyarsk in 1845-1861 years and was the largest Orthodox Church in Siberia. In 1936 the Church was destroyed by the authorities. The idea of revival Cathedral is discussed with the 1990-ies.