Pro said he could not bend: “the Attacks in Saint-Petersburg is an attack on Russia and Putin”

Also Putin’s toady said that the Russian President “has challenged the international terrorism”.

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, is known for its subservience to Moscow, said the explosion in the St. Petersburg subway “monstrous”, and his goal is to strike at Russia and Putin, reports “Dialog UA”.

Thus he used the bloody attack in St. Petersburg to once again to curry favor with Putin and once again to show the Moldovans, those selected for the post of the head of state is clearly not that man.

“Whoever was the initiator of this crime, it was aimed to strike at Russia and its President, challenged international terrorism and conducting effective actions to combat terror in different parts of the world” — so Dodon commented on the terrorist attack in the subway.

Also, the President of Moldova expressed his hope that this crime will not remain unanswered, and the people of Russia will rally more closely around her “national leader.”

By the way, the “zero” years of Putin suspected of organizing terrorist acts in Moscow and Volgodonsk. According to opponents, the Russian President had masterminded the explosions in the buildings to blame on the Chechens and under this pretext to start the Second Chechen war.

Recall that after the explosions in the metro of St. Petersburg was otklucennouu connection. According to preliminary data,about 10 people died from wounds in the first minutes of the tragedy.

Was later opublikowanych the scene.