Lotus Elise is the UK’s slowest low estimate of the performance of the car

The Lotus Elise is the UK’s slowest devaluation of the performance of the vehicle while maintaining its list has more value than all the other “affordable” sports model after four years.

According to Autocar’s sister title of WhatCar?, a Elise 1.8 220, bought for £37,150 loses only £1900 of its value after one year and 12,000 km, which is approximately half of the write-off of a Bentley Continental GT V8.

After twice the time and mileage, the Elise, the original value fell from £8150, and after four years and 48,000 miles of the British roadster 54.71% of the list price keeps on £.

So the car is in the vicinity, far more expensive and exotic models price as the Ferrari 458, 55.97% of the new value (£178,491), and the Ferrari FF, which ensures that 56.41% £227,107 list.

But these two models are set, and the 458 will probably be the last of Ferrari’s naturally aspirated V8 model, to the production, helping to inflate values. In contrast, the current series 3 Elise is still to be replaced on sale and not by you, by 2020, which means its strong residual values are purely organic.

The Lotus beats the Alfa Romeo 4C, to lose with the £52,505 Italian sports car, 62.8% of its value after 48,000 miles and four years. Also the earlier Porsche Cayman, has the distinction of being the last to have a naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine, is expected to shed almost two-thirds of the Amazon price in the same period.

The car that holds its value the best after a year, according to the list, the Bentley Continental GT is a V12 model. It is previously said, to miles 98.6% of the list price after 12 months and 12,000. After four years and 48,000 miles it value, 55.75% of its original £189,550 price.

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