Food will soon become a luxury: how many pots Ukrainian borscht can now prepare for their salaries the inhabitants of the occupied Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea

Experts estimate that a single salary of residents of the occupied Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea may be enough on 29, 30 and 74 of the pan Ukrainian borscht, respectively.

But in the same controlled Ukraine
Kramatorsk for dozerblade can be prepared 119 pans national dishes
reports “Dialog. UA”.

“Radio Liberty” in his article writes that more expensive
just to make soup is in Simferopol, and it is cheaper (one pan)
in Kramatorsk.

Very expensive it would cost to cook a pot
of soup for the inhabitants of the occupied Donetsk
and Lugansk, in the hryvnia equivalent it will be 113 and 115 UAH, respectively.

In the occupied Crimea, in comparison with the Ukrainian cities, the average salary
almost 3 times higher (3400 and 9600, respectively), but in Crimea, a
expensive products that negates the difference in salaries on a controlled
Kiev territories.

In addition, conspicuous and prices
different types of meat, vegetables, which annexed the Peninsula are expensive.

Besides, the Crimean, in addition to the high cost of food,
complain about its quality: many goods are imported from Russia and largely
inferior Ukrainian products.

We will remind, earlier in Donetsk, it was discovered the fact
large-scale theft”handouts” from Russia.

Also, the hype after fasting showman Prytula for the patriots from Donetsk and Lugansk.