The leadership of the national Bank is suspected of causing the state billions of dollars in losses due to the refinancing of banks – Sytnik

The Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnik told the details of searches in the National Bank of Ukraine.

According to Sytnik, the detectives Bureau for a few months
investigate criminal proceedings against the leadership of the NBU. These persons
checked for involvement in the embezzlement of funds allocated for refinancing

“The legality of the embezzlement of this money, belonging to
illegal misappropriation of these funds is the subject of an investigation… We check the legality of the expenditure of funds for refinancing and
involvement in the management process of the NBU,” – he said.

In parallel, the NEB has been working on the recovery of materials
from abroad. Since the vast majority of funds were
translated into offshore accounts.

Sitnic said that the total damage to the state is estimated

“We’re talking about that in any event such a huge
flows could not do without the participation of the leadership of the national Bank, so
the involvement in these activities will be tested almost all
the leadership,” he said

Earlier, the Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria, Goncharevskaya constant pressure from the oligarchs, one of them threatened her with physical violence.