The Jews will not forget the feat of the Russian nuns who saved them during the war – FJC

Moscow. March 31. INTERFAX – the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia reminded about the heroic deed of a Russian nun Maria (Skobtsova), who saved Jews in France during the war.

“The people who saved Jews were in a most vulnerable situation. They could expect the impact not only on the part of the Nazis (for which Jews were “terrible crime”), but also by their neighbors, work colleagues and even other participants in the anti-Nazi resistance, who believed that the only useful thing that the Nazis are doing – cleanse the world of Jews,” – said the President of the FJCR Alexander Beard, on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of mother Mary in a Nazi concentration camp ravensbrück (Germany).

As stressed A. Beard, quoted on Friday by his press service, in spite of the difficulties such people acted “to save the lives of those who were declared “subhuman” and sacrificing their lives”.

“We bow to their memory. The example of mother Mary also shows us that even the “little man” can resist a machine of destruction built by the totalitarian regime, if it supports the belief that he does everything right,” he added.

Mother Mary (in the world Elizabeth Skobtsova) – Russian poet, memoirist, essayist, and public figure. In 1932 he became a monk, engaging in charitable and educational activities. Since the occupation of Paris by the Nazis in 1940 – member of the anti-Nazi resistance. Mother Mary and her group actively helped persecuted Jews – hiding them, issued false baptismal certificates.

In February 1943, the nun, and her son George Skobtsov and Dimitry contest was arrested by the Gestapo. Both men died in the camp “Dora” in 1944, the mother Mary was executed in the gas chamber of the ravensbrück concentration camp on 31 March 1945 (according to legend, went to the gas chamber is included in the list at the destruction of a young girl).

In 1985, the Institute “Yad Vashem” in Jerusalem awarded her the title of “righteous among the Nations”. In 2004, mother Maria, Yuri Skobtsov and D. the contest was canonized by the Patriarchate of Constantinople as martyrs. 31 March 2016 in Paris took place the opening ceremony of the street named after Maria (Skobtsova).