Slovakia urgently “banned” Russian TV channels: the Kremlin propaganda is not needed here

The Slovak state news Agency unilaterally going to break the contract with the Russian news Agency Sputnik.

the news Agency of Slovakia, TASR said that initiates exit from the agreement with
the Russian news Agency Sputnik reports “Dialog UA”.

On 29 March, the Russian Sputnik Agency happily reported
the contract with the Slovak Agency TASR. According to Russian propaganda, it
the agreement was to help to strengthen the exchange of information between the two

However, the next day, March 30, Thursday, Slovak
side said that within a month of the test period did not use any
a single material to Russian news agencies.

In addition, TASR reported that will immediately stop
access their correspondents to the materials mentioned news agencies of the Russian Federation.

By the way, the Russian news Agency Sputnik constantly convict
the dissemination of false, iskazhenii information, as well as fuelling xenophobia
and political extremism in Western countries.

So, in February of this year, the NATO speaker Oana
Lungescu said that the aim of the Russian news Agency Sputnik is “not to convince
people, to confuse, not to provide alternative information, and
to divide public opinion.”

Recall, the Russian TV presenter asked
apologize to Ukrainians for the stupid
the parody, which made “stars” of the Russian Federation on Ukrainian President Poroshenko.

As previously reported, in Russia on TV a famous writer
Michael Weller launched
glass in Putin’s propagandist Novel Babayan, because he
unreasonably accused him of lying.