Resonant murder of the activist of “Freedom” Vita Shabliy: there was an unexpected detail of the bloody crime

Killers Shabliy and her husband, ex-the chief of regional UMVD in the Rovno area, could be several. Immediately after the massacre they fled the scene of the accident and search for the criminals continues.

The bandits snuck into the house
couples staged a bloody massacre. The police commented that
one of the basic versions – the hostile attitude of the victims of zloumyshlennika,reports “Dialog. UA”.

Vyacheslav Chayka yet
serious condition, his testimony could be very valuable to the investigation. Spouse
Gulls Vita Shabliy, died at the scene from gunshot wounds.

Recall that reneebaby shows footage from the murder scene Shabliy. Terrible photo of a lot of blood, police
seized from the crime scene casings.

It was reported that the reason
bloody clashes could also be complex relationships within the family.