Ukraine will receive the IMF tranche: Gontareva announced important information and called a key date

The Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva said that the official Kyiv may receive the next tranche from the IMF after a couple of days.

About it reports “UKRINFORM”.

Gontareva said that the national Bank and
The Ministry of Finance together with experts from the International monetary Fund held
meeting and examined the possible costs due to the blockade of certain regions of Donetsk
and Lugansk regions. The IMF made the basis for the forecasts of Ukraine and updated
own data.

Now the IMF after all
complex bureaucratic procedures needs to analyze all data and to assign
a new date for a meeting of the Board of Directors. It is expected that on 3 April, the Fund
will take a positive decision, Ukraine will be allocated the next tranche,
stressed the head of the national Bank.

Earlier, the IMF confirmed this
information and said that after 3 April, Ukraine will receive a loan in the amount of
$ 1 billion.