Promoted: Why are SEAT Ibiza owners love their cars so much

The All-new SEAT Ibiza attracted large crowds when it was exhibited in public for the first time at the Geneva motor show recently, and a handful of those which are present have been particularly eager to see the new supermini.

In order to ensure that some of Ibiza’s biggest fans were among the first to see the car, the SEAT of the united KINGDOM has invited two ambassadors, two active members of the Ibiza Owners Club, Switzerland. Gaynor Thorpe and Rav Jagdev have been able to take a close look at the new Ibiza, and meet with HEADQUARTERS staff to learn more about the company.

The trip to Geneva was only the beginning of the experience to Gaynor and Rav: in a few weeks, they will travel to the home of the SEAT near Barcelona, where they will be among the first members of the public to drive the new Ibiza.

In the context of a promotion to HEADQUARTERS, Coach will be a function of their initial reactions to the new Ibiza in the coming weeks – but first, we wanted to give you a chance to learn more about the HEADQUARTERS of two ambassadors.

We asked them to explain why Ibiza owners are passionate about their cars, about the Ibiza Owners Club and their thoughts on the new Ibiza. Check out this video:

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