Moscow tightens the occupation of Georgia: now, the naive will include Ossetians in the Russian army

Russia will “race statutes,” the army of the Ossetian separatists, but the inclusion of the territory in its membership and to fully contain the of the budget has refused.

The Minister of defence
Of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu and the head of the separatist forces of South Ossetia Ibrahim Gasseev
signed a document on joining the individual units of the army of the “Republic”
in the Russian army, reports “Dialog UA”.

Shoigu told
what signs with Ossetians two documents: first transmission in the subordination of the armed forces
part of the departments of South Ossetia, the second — the agreement on activities
courier services line of the Russian defense Ministry.

In his
turn Gasseev in the traditional Pro-Russian separatists loyal
style thanked the Russian authorities for “assistance to South
Ossetia and the maintenance of peace and stability in the country.”

Recall, 14
March, Putin approved
the agreement with South Ossetia (which is according to international standards territory
Georgia) on the occurrence of some units of “Republic” in the army
Of the Russian Federation.

In his
turn, the Georgian side responded very harshly
this military cooperation.