London and Paris to announce the actual emissions test fuel for cars

Real-world testing of fuel emissions will be presented in London and Paris by 2017 to help recruit new cars as environmentally friendly, they are, encouraging their use and reducing air pollution in cities.

The decision was taken at a meeting between the mayor of London Sadiq Khan and his Paris counterpart Anne Hidalgo, together with the city and representatives of a number of major car manufacturers.

The current emissions testing to regulate only certain pollutants and require vehicles to meet the standards in the laboratory, but in the new scheme will be the result of each model is the result based on all of the air pollutants they produce in road conditions. Then, these points will be available online through specialized sites for consumers.

On the Volkswagen diesel scandal led to recognition of shortcomings in the current tests, so a call for a radical revision of how emissions are measured.

Mayor Hidalgo announced its readiness with the various charities to work with the International Council on clean transportation and analysis of emissions to estimate emissions with the use of remote sensors and portable equipment for emissions monitoring.

“Having tested the road’ I believe that we will help Londoners make informed choices and to encourage manufacturers to build early “clean” vehicles,” Sadik-Khan said.

“This scheme is a great example of how big cities can combine their knowledge and influence to encourage major industry to take hold of the mind. The toxicity of the air in London and many other major cities is an insult, a scheme of the type we introduced in London and Paris have the potential to completely change the quality of the air we all breathe.”

Another part of the city group of the C40 climate leadership is also committed to the development of the global scoring system. These cities include Sol, Madrid, Mexico city, Milan, Moscow, Oslo and Tokyo.

London introduces a £10 ‘t charge high for clean vehicles in the city since the autumn of this year, while the Khan also suggested introducing the world’s first Ultra low emission zone in Central London in 2019.