In the United States called for greater military presence in Europe to deter Russia

WASHINGTON, Mar 29 — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. The head of the European command of US armed forces and the head of the United NATO forces in Europe, General Curtis Scaparotti said Tuesday at hearings in the Congress, to deter Russia, you may need accommodation on the European continent, another armored division and the United States more naval forces and military aircraft of the fifth generation.

“Now we have more than 60 thousand of all the war all the armed forces stationed in Europe. These forces allow today to implement containment. But in this Committee and in the framework of the confirmation of guarantees in Europe we are looking for ways of modernization of these forces to secure best position. Especially considering the modernization of Russia, which I have described, we need there (in Europe — ed.) more strength,” he said Scaparotti.

“I think that applies to ground forces, potentially it could be a Panzer division on a rotational or permanent basis,” said Scaparrotti.

“As for BBC, we have a very good position, very efficient. But again, I think they add fifth-generation aircraft, which is important, given the modernization of Russia”, — said Scaparotti.

“As for the fleet, again, the additional rotational component across Europe with the aim of deterrence. Especially in the field of anti-submarine warfare, in this respect, Russian inspire concern. We still dominate in this area, but we need to continue to invest, to hold and continue to dominate”, — concluded Scaparotti.

Previously, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow sees as a threat to increase the US military presence in Europe at the borders of the Russian Federation and perceives it negatively.