The Prime Minister, Theresa may, evacuated from the Parliament building due to the terrorist attack

The legislature of Britain has suspended work due to the shooting incident.

cordoned off the building of the British Parliament, Supreme legislative
body of the country is currently suspended. The Prime Minister of great Britain
Theresa may, accompanied by police urgently taken away from the building
of the Parliament, reports “Dialog UA”.

what else who is inside, forbidden to leave the Parliament building.

today near the building of the Parliament of great Britain accident and stabbing
with the shootout.

According to media reports, an unidentified man was killed with a knife
the police, after which police opened fire and
liquidated it. The incident qualified as a terrorist attack.

The result
the fire injured ten people, some were killed.

In his
of all the Ministry
of foreign Affairs of Ukraine ascertain whether there are among victims of a terrorist act
in London the citizens of our country.