Special operations McLaren for more disposable cars

McLaren wants to create a “two or three” custom one-off cars for customers per year, according to McLaren special operations (MSO) boss Ansar Ali.

McLaren noted that the success Ferrari had in providing its clients with the opportunity to create their own models and have now created a structure within the MSO Department to be able to contribute to it.

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Ali said that McLaren now has the ability to make such models, which typically takes about 18 months to two years to become a production reality. However, it is the customer, whether or not their creation makes it into the public eye.

About such cars, according to Ali, it’s his job to make sure McLaren not to distract from the main range of products in their creation. “They are a useful testing ground for new materials and technologies and R & d opportunity,” he said. MSO ordered product before: x-1, in 2012.

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