Russia is trying to disrupt the meeting, “Norman Quartet” in France – Pristayko

Today, March 22, 2017, it became known that Russia is not going to participate in the scheduled meeting of “Norman four” in Paris.

This was stated by the media first
Deputy Minister of Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs in Washington Vadim pristayko, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Russia seeks to disrupt the
the upcoming meeting, to be held in the French capital at the level of Deputy
Ministers. The rest of the format participants said they plan to hold this
meeting even if Russia will not come.

Pristayko also said that
this incident was discussed in Washington with representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs
France and Germany.

Meeting “channel four” is scheduled
on March 24, and apparently, Russia is going to ignore this
the meeting noted Pristayko.

According to him, RF
aware of how important this meeting, however, is trying by all means
rip her, ignoring the official invitation.

“If Russia has nothing
to say at the negotiating table at a meeting, it may not be. But the meeting
be held in any case”, – concluded Pristayko.

It is worth noting that
meeting “Norman Quartet” was planned, including
to hear the representative of the SMM OSCE, who will make a report on the situation in
Ukraine to date.

As previously reported”Диалог.UA”, USA
declared their intention to become participants of the Minsk process, to finally
to resolve the issue of Donbass.