Russia has recognized the disaster with the annexed Crimea: became aware of the resonant decision of the Crimean “authorities” on the “budget” in 2017

On March 22 the “power” occupied Crimea approved amendments to the “budget” in 2017. According to the document, and the revenue and expenditure of the “budget” reduced by a significant amount – 1.55 billion.

So-called “Minister
Finance” of the Crimea Irina Kiviko explained that”
this amount signed less revenue for the Federal target program” reports “Dialog. UA”.

Earlier, one of
meetings Kiviko already shocked by the fact that this resume will be reduced
the cost of development of the annexed Crimea and Sevastopol until 2020.

Recall kerosene do not consider the Crimea as “Russian”and claim that the capture of the “green
men of the Peninsula,” brought a lot of problems and troubles of ordinary citizens.

Also recall that
the “power” of the Peninsula, annexed by Russia three years ago,spit on communal problems, thereby exacerbating an already difficult situation
occupied territory.