UOC deny the fact the recent desecration of the monument to Prince Vladimir in Kiev

*** The monument has been repainted

Moscow. March 20. INTERFAX – Information about the desecration of the monument to Prince Vladimir on Vladimir hill in Kiev center is not true, said the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

“Recently, the media reported that the monument for the third time suffered from vandals – was splattered with paint, but in reality he remained uncleaned for six months after the last desecration”, – said on Monday the website of the UOC.

For old paint stains on the monument drew the attention of the people of Kiev in social networks, mistakenly assuming that he was once again desecrated.

Six months ago, unknown persons doused the monument with red paint. Since then, utilities have only cleaned a commemorative plaque under the monument and the sidewalk.

As stated by the General Director of the Kyiv scientific-methodological center for the protection, restoration and use of monuments of history, culture and protected areas Irina Prokopenko, “the paint is very strongly ingrained in bronze, and wash it is impossible,” therefore it is necessary to completely repaint the entire monument.

“Now the right amount of special paint are looking for. The last time the monument was painted three years ago to the Day of the baptism of Russia” – reminded I. Prokopenko.

It is the oldest sculptural monument in Kiev. It was built in 1853.

The author is a 4.4-meter-high statue – Peter Klodt, a 16-meter pedestal – Alexander Ton, bas – Vasily Demuth-Malinovsky.

Annually in late July at the monument are the Church and public celebrations on the occasion of the Baptism of Rus.