In the Polish capital, attackers desecrated a cemetery-the mausoleum of Soviet soldiers

Vandals daubed a dozen signs of the swastika, and left footprints of red on the steps near the sculpture group.

In the Polish Warsaw
unknown vandals desecrated the Central military cemetery mausoleum of soldiers
Of the red army. The responsibility for this act so far have not taken a
a radical group, according to “Russian
The dialogue”.

information received from the residents of Warsaw, Central military
cemetery mausoleum of soldiers of the red army on the street Zwirki and Wigury the act

what is unknown by means of the stencil caused more than 15 images astiki
black in color, and footprints of red color on the background state
the flag of Israel. This was done on the steps near the sculpture and plates
located on the perimeter of the Central obelisk.

The Ambassador Of Russia
in Poland sent a note to the Ministry of culture and national heritage and
The foreign Ministry with a demand to remove the consequences of this act of vandalism.

The Polish foreign Ministry has called on Russia to put
an end to the illegal annexation of Crimea.

As previously
it was reported, on the anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera attackers
burned the Museum kryivka UPA
near Lviv.