“We have Angela Merkel definitely have something in common – “the wire” from Obama” – Donald trump

Last Friday’s March 17 press conference in Washington, Donald trump and Angela Merkel answered the questions of journalists among which there was a question about listening to election headquarters trump the previous administration of the President of the United States.

Responding to the press, trump
tried to wrap my answer into a joke and said that in this respect they have
Angela Merkel have something in common, alluding to the monitoring of telephone
conversations of German Chancellor including reports “Диалог.UA”.

The answer of the President of the United States caused
laughter from the audience at the press conference.

It is worth noting that apparently,
Donald trump was referring to information that appeared about seven years ago that
what is the job of Barack Obama to the employees of the national security Agency USA
was collecting information on all the world’s heads of state,
and wire other European politicians, among whom was angel

Recall that in early March, Donald
Trump made the accusation against Obama, stating that in his
the order was carried out wiretapping of telephone conversations of the trump in its
the electoral office.

However, to date, trump
has not provided proof of his words, although in the U.S. Congress and the Ministry of justice
started checking this statement.

As previously reported”Диалог.UA” on
held in Washington the meeting of March 17, the Donald trump urged Angela Merkel to unite
their efforts in the fight against radical Islamism.