The life of David Rockefeller in his immortal quotes: “what is the meaning to possess something if you can’t share it?”

The famous billionaire and philanthropist, the head of the house of the Rockefellers the Rockefeller David for his life multiplied as acquired by his ancestors. Of his life wrote a lot of the media, the billionaire is also the author of several books.

“Диалог.UA” we have prepared for our readers a small selection of quotes famous millionairecupid Rockefeller, who died today, March 20, on 102-m to year of life.

Born into a very wealthy family, David Rockefeller has always listened to the advice of his father and grandfather. They were his first teachers in the business world.

It is teaching the senior made Rockefeller famous philanthropist, continuing the past of their ancestors. He never ceased to translate massive amounts of money to charity. Five years ago, according to estimates of American journalists, the total amount of donations made by David Rockefeller, has made more than $ 900 million. Here’s how he described his philanthropist attitude to money in an interview.

A great impression on him made the trip to the Soviet Union in August 1964. Then the billionaire met with General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev and spoke for over two hours with him.

We offer several of the famous sayings of David Rockefeller.