Avdiyivka again seriously suffered from the aggression of the Kremlin: the militants “DNR” ruthlessly incinerated the city from rocket launchers and tanks

The ATO headquarters inform about how the separatists “DNR” continues to brutally strike at Avdeevka, zaytsevo Nevelskoy and from mortars and grenade launchers.

It is known that at the Donetsk direction positions of Ukrainian armed forces in the vicinity of the Town the enemy opened fire from grenade launchers and machine guns, and around 15:00, made a fire from the tank.

Close to Nevel terrorists “DNR” has hit Ukrainian fortifications, mortars of caliber of 120.

Also, the occupants fired at Russian Federation, Luhansk and the Heater from grenade launchers of various systems and machine guns.

We will remind,fighters destroy Avdiyivka powerful shelling in the city lit house, wounded by a woman published by the eerie images of the destruction.