Who is trying to “hurt the government of trump,” Congress declared innocence the American President for relations with Russia

In the intelligence Committee of the US Congress stated that the evidence of the conspiracy of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump and the Russian security services do not exist.

As said today Republican David núñez in an interview изданиюDeutsche Welle, the Committee intelligence when Congressionally evidence of cooperation of the election headquarters of Donald trump and the Russian security services during the election campaign of an American President.

Recall that currently the FBI is investigating Russia’s influence on the electoral process in the United States. His testimony will give the head of the FBI James Komi and the head of the national security Agency Michael Rogers.

At the same time, Republican núñez expressed outrage that the media is increasingly leaking information that the U.S. intelligence services, adding that in this way someone wants to “hurt the government of trump.”

Recall that at the end of 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies said that Moscow interfered in the electoral process with the aim to ruin the reputation of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, even Donald trump has admitted that attacks on the servers of the Democratic party have been committed by Russian hackers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on all charges, said that Moscow considers unacceptable Cherekskie attack on Washington, however, White dolego words no one believed.